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Tel: 035-7895647
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Boardwalk Centre
Kruger Rand Street
Richards Bay


As a distinctly family-orientated brand, we offer an environment where the whole “tribe” can come along to relax and enjoy themselves. This is the way it has always been at Spur and the reason why we have found a special place in the hearts of millions of South Africans over several generations! Today Spur confidently calls itself “the official restaurant of the South African family” and is a member of the “Proudly South African” initiative.


restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur

So what is our winning recipe?


Spur has provided its customers with a warm, relaxed dining experience in a comfortable, friendly environment.


Our loyal patrons know they can always expect generous portions of great tasting food as well as quality and value for money every time they visit.

restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur


A full hearty breakfast is all you need to start your day off on the right track! At selected Spurs nationwide, you have the choice of a Plainsman to our famous Ranch Style Breakfast.

Choose your tender, tasty Spur steak from our selection of fillet, rump, sirloin or T-bone (200-500g). Add a famous Spur sauce and a delicious side order. Sit back, relax and enjoy - it's impossible not to! Like our burgers, our steaks are made from only the best AAA - grade beef, making them the tastiest steaks by far.

Time to step out with a little Latin spice? We're talking Mexico, and we're speaking a language where the words themselves sound good enough to eat. Read the following aloud: guacamole, fajita, enchilada, salsa, nachos. See what we mean?

restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - breakfast menu restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - steaks restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - Mexican menu

The Spur menu has evolved to cater for everyone, and includes juicy top quality beef burgers, AAA grade steaks and ribs, Spur’s famous Salad Valley, as well as chicken, seafood and vegetarian options. There are also special deals, offering excellent value for money.

The Spur Secret Tribe

Kids Birthday parties

Supa Strikas

The Spur Secret Tribe is a very special kids club where absolutely no grown-ups are allowed. To join the club, you have to be 12 or younger and you have to be crazy about Spur food.

It costs nothing to join the Tribe and you'll get a special membership card when you sign up at your favourite Spur Steak Ranch. Just ask for a Secret Tribe application form and fill in your details. Is that easy or what?

As a Secret Tribe member, you'll get a free cooldrink every time you eat at Spur, as well as a birthday voucher on your special day.

What better place to have your birthday party than at Spur? Our tasty menu has something for everyone (even Dad!) and your pals will love the Play Canyon. Mom or Dad can book your party at your local Spur , or they can phone 086 000 SPUR for more information.


Now invite your friends! Choose your invite, open and print. Then fill in the details and hand out. (Please make sure that Mom or Dad has already booked your party!)


If you are a Secret Tribe member, please don't forget to bring your voucher along for your birthday!

Spur is proud to be one of the sponsors for Supa Strikas – a great monthly comic that follows soccer stars Supa Strikas as they battle other teams for top spot in the Metropolitan League. The amaStrikas (as they’re known to their fans) are coached by the wily David Ledige and captained by the experienced Fabian Skosana.


And with a theme song by Cape Town sensation Lungelo and super sponsors like Spur, the team is sure to taste success.

restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - Spur Secret Tribe

restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - kids birthday parties

restaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - supa strikersrestaurants Richards Bay, family restaurant, Bronco Creek Spur - Supa strikers


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